DRS – differential roller screw

Alt Roller Screws have high precision mechanism with product like DRS


The DRS is designed when extreme positioning accuracy and resolution is required for instance in laboratory, space, telescope, medical applications. The lead can be from hundredth of mm up to few tenth or mm.  The resulting lead is achieved with a differential motion between the shaft nut and rollers which are actually designed with a larger pitch to keep a very high load capacity.

As always material, coatings and  and interface dimensions will be fully adapted to meet application needs. Please consult our Engineering team for further details.

Our innovative design has been optimized to a higher level with a fewer components and lower weight while keeping high load and speed capabilities.

The current standard DRS range is available from Ø16mm up to Ø44. Other sizes on requests.

Possible leads can be extremely small, reaching a few hundredths of mm if needed. This design is perfect if you need extreme resolution and positioning accuracy on a short stroke.


Type of nut customizable
Lead range from 0.01 to 0.6 for standard designs
Nominal Diameter range from Ø12 to Ø150 for standard roller screws
External Diameter range from Ø32 to Ø74 for standard roller screws
Length range from 17 to 90 for standard roller screws
Materials hardened steel, stainless steel
Hardness 58-62 HRc (650- 750HV)
Lubrication grease, oil
Loads axial bidirectional
Dynamic capacity very high
Static capacity very high
Stiffness extremely high
Resistance to shock good
Coatings under request
Sealing under request
Maintenance very reduced
Parts customizable