HHF – support bearing unit with HRB

Alt Roller Screws have high precision mechanism with product like HHF

Support Bearing Unit with HRB (HHF)

The HHF solution optimizes capacity and space with greater stiffness. Having the highest power density and longer lifetime than any bearing currently available. The HHF can also be customized easily to fit customer needs. The HHF is designed and can be applied to Standard Roller Screws (SRS or URS) with nominal diameters between 8 to 80 mm and for Recirculating Roller Screws (RRS) with nominal diameters between 8 to 125 mm. It is of primary importance that the capacity of the bearing unit exceed the ones of the screw to give the most robust design and reliable operation.

The best compact bearing solution that can be assembled of your roller screw.

Description of the HHF, the support bearing unit with HRB

Internal Diameter Ø12, Ø17, Ø20, Ø25, Ø35, Ø50, Ø65, Ø90, Ø100 for standard products
External Diameter Ø47, Ø57, Ø58, Ø74, Ø94, Ø128, Ø164, Ø215, Ø240 for standard products
Flanged diameter Ø77, Ø92, Ø122, Ø144, Ø177, Ø230, Ø292 for standard products
Length 40, 44, 74, 86, 106, 136, 163, 175, 208, 229, 272
Materials hardened steel, stainless steel
Hardness 58-62 HRc (650- 750HV)
Lubrication grease, oil
Loads bidirectional axial and radial
Dynamic capacity up to 4.0 times compared to SBU or equivalent competitor solutions
Static capacity up to 4.8 times compared to SBU or equivalent competitor solutions
Stiffness extremely high
Lifetime up to 40 times for equivalent stack of ACBB
Resistance to shock very good
Coatings under request
Sealing standard
Carriers can be removed under request
Maintenance lubricated for life. Maintenance free
Skidding none, or negligible
Parts customizable