HRA-S- Standard Roller Screws with HRB

Alt Roller Screws have high precision mechanism with product like HRA-s

Roller Screws
with HRB

The HRA-s combines a standard roller screw with HRB bearing integrated on the screw shaft. The bearing inner ring is machined on the screw shaft saving weight and optimizing size by avoiding unnecessary flange and locking devices. By maximizing capacity and reliability, the HRA – s offers unprecedented power density with a custom mechanical package ready for the next generation of electric linear actuators.

The optimized compact integrated linear solution.


Range from Ø12 to Ø150 corresponding to all dimensions of SRS & URS
Materials hardened steel, stainless steel
hardness 58-62 HRc (650- 750HV)
Lubrication grease, oil
Dynamic capacity high regardless the loading direction
Static capacity high regardless the loading direction
Loads axial bidirectional on the SRS and URS, axial and radial on the HRB
Stiffness extremely high
Resistance to shock very good
Coatings under request
Sealing under request
Maintenance very reduced
Skidding negligible
Parts customizable