RRS – recirculating roller screw

Alt Roller Screws have high precision mechanism with product like RRS

Recirculating Roller Screw (RRS)

A step up from ball screws, the Recirculating Roller Screw (RRS) is designed as an alternative to standard roller screws when space constraints and fine leads are an issue. Unlike planetary roller screws, it allows rollers guidance within a cage to recirculate inside the nut assembly thanks to cams. This design is ideal for applications where long strokes where smaller leads are needed with high capacity in reduced envelopes. It is available with a cylindrical or flanged nut. Screw leads are typically in the range of 1 or 2mm.
This design offers a perfect compromise when you are looking for capacity, resolution and accuracy and very low driving torque on a long stroke, all at the same time.

Description of the Recirculating Roller Screw

Type of nut cylindrical (C), Flanged and centered(F), Flanged and non-centered(P)
Lead range from 1 to 5 for standard designs
Nominal Diameter range from Ø8 to Ø125 for standard designs
External Diameter range from Ø20 to Ø220 for standard designs
Flanged Diameter range from Ø43 to Ø310 for standard designs
Length range from 31 to 200 (without wiper recesses)
Materials hardened steel, stainless steel
Hardness 58-62 HRc (650- 750HV)
Lubrication grease, oil
Loads axial bidirectional
Dynamic capacity high, equivalent to that of other competitors
Static capacity high, equivalent to that of other competitors
Stiffness extremely high
Resistance to shock good
Coatings under request
Sealing under request
Maintenance very reduced
Parts customizable