URS – ultra high capacity roller screw

Alt Roller Screws have high precision mechanism with product like URS


The URS roller screws are a variant of SRS designs offered in bigger sizes range and with larger lengths of the nut, named as the Ultra-High-Capacity Standard Roller Screws. The URS is designed for demanding applications with heavy loads and long service needs. By optimizing the assembly, the number of contacts and the threads, this design is provided with loads ratings up to 65% over the SRS range. The URS is available from range Ø60 mm to Ø210 mm for the screw with various leads and nut types with flange options.

This solution offers best power density with its larger and robust design and is ideal when you have to manage heavy loads or severe duty cycles.


Type of nut cylindrical (C), Flanged and centered(F), Flanged and non-centered(P)
Lead range from 15 to 50 for standard designs
Nominal Diameter range from Ø60 to Ø210 for standard designs
External Diameter range from Ø32 to Ø270 for standard designs
Flanged Diameter range from Ø166 to Ø530 for standard designs
Length range from 171 to 570 for standard roller screws
Materials hardened steel, stainless steel
Hardness 58-62 HRc (650- 750HV)
Lubrication grease, oil
Loads axial bidirectional
Dynamic capacity up to 55% increase compared to traditional, existing designs
Static capacity up to 60% increase compared to traditional, existing designs
Stiffness extremely high
Resistance to shock very good
Coatings under request
Sealing under request
Maintenance very reduced
Contamination design has been optimized to limit any internal contamination and wear to extend lubricant and total service life to the maximum level.
Parts customizable